The Young Russian driver has surpassed his compatriot Alexey Lukyanuk  in his battle for the best time in the Qualifying Stage that was held this moring in the Ingenio-Telde stage. After them, as the first qualified Spanish, José Antonio Suárez has finished.

The teams have completed the recce of all the stages that give shape to the route of this scoring test for the FIA ​​European Rally Championship and the Spanish Championship. The priority teams will interchallenge for the first time, stopwatch in hand, in the qualification section of Ingenio-Telde.

The rally puts one more gear and, two days away from its official start, the day of Tuesday May 1st has served for drivers and co-drivers to recognize the stages of the first leg and for their teams to take positions in the service park.

The Salón Gran Fórum of the AC Hotel Gran Canaria has shown an advance of what will be the 42nd edition of this event that is already established as one of the events of the year for Canary Islands in general and for Gran Canaria in particular.

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