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Monday, 08 April 2019 11:42

Rally Islas Canarias’ entries, at a good rythm

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International teams, national and local ones, are entered in the 43rdedition of the Rally Islas Canarias. FIA European Rally Championship current leaders, Lukasz Habaj and Daniel Dymurski, are on the list with their Skoda Fabia R5.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019 19:41

Rally Islas Canarias opens its entries period

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The teams will have ultin April 17thto make their entrie for this round of the FIA European Rally Championship. Rally Islas Canarias has shown the details of the route as well.

The 43 Rally Islas Canarias edition opens its entries period from this week. Until April 17th, all the teams can completed their entries for the second chapter of the FIA European Rally Championship 2019.

The Organizer has publicated the details of the route where, as we have shown few weeks ago, will be a challenge for the teams with 16 special stage, eight of then in the first leg and another eight for the last day.

As novelty, Valsequillo will host the Qualifying Stage and the Shakedown in the morning of Thursday 2ndMay. Valleseco, in the second leg, will be another one. With near to 15 km, its route has inedits places.

At the same time, Rally Islas Canarias website has for teams and public the program of this 43rdedition.

Qualifying Stage + Shakedown (3,15 km)
Valsequillo will host the Free Practice, the Qualifying Stage and the Shakedown before the competition starts. A narrow road with some slow corners and junctions will be amazing for the teams and the spectators.

SS1-4 Valsequillo (10,96 km)
In Valsequillo will start the Rally Islas Canarias 2019. The stage starts with a first left-right corner where last year found amazing moments. Is a route with fast zones and another technical places, always on a good asphalt.

SS2-5 San Mateo (12,01 km)
The first kilometers are completely new. It starts in San Mateo in a narrow way until a left junction. From here, the road is wider and faster and well-knowed for the competitors. But this year, another left junction direction to Cueva Grande next to the end will show them a new challenge.

SS3-6 Tejeda (24,10 km)
Tejeda will be the longest special stage of 43rd Rally Islas Canarias. Its first meters will be around Tejeda and, inmediatily, Cuevas Caídas road will be very demanding for the drivers, codrivers and the cars. On its new asphalt, the competitors arrive to Cruz de Tejeda, where they will take the road to Las Emisoras. After two spectacular junctions, Monte Gusano road will take them to Fontanales. Long, technical and with differents rhythm changes, is going to be a real challenge.

SS7-8 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (1,44 km)
Another season else, the first leg will end in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where the competitiros will face a short stage twice. With an ideal route for the fans, the show is guaranteed.

TC9-13 Arucas (7,18 km)
The second leg will start near to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The first meters are near to Bañaderos direction to Arucas, always on a wide road and good asphalt. When the competitors arrive to Arucas, an amazing right junction will connect with the 2018 section, road to La Montañeta direction to Cambalud.

TC10-14 Moya (15,28 km)
Moya will be the longest stage of the last leg. The roundabout at the beginning will be protagonist again before the competitors run in direction to Fontanales on a twisty road. When the get it, in Fontanales will face a new route before to connect with Montaña Alta route after a spectacular right junction.

TC11-15 Gáldar (14,95 km)
On a new kilometers at the beginning it will give new expectatives near to the end of the rally. In parallel to the one of the main roads of the island, its narrow perfil will take the teams to Hoya de Pineda road after a left junction. This section is a common stage in Rally Islas Canarias history. After Caideros, they will find a fast right junction, very near to Lomo El Palo left junction, few meters before the end in its inedits last meters.

TC12-16 Valleseco (14,57 km)
The last stage of this edition will start after a junction in Fontanales, road to Monte Gusano road. On this section is important the engine power, at least until a junction, with a little jump, direction to Valleseco. From there, the rhythm is going to be the most important thing, with ups and downs around differents ravines. From Los Lavadores until the end, the competitors will discover a new route in Valleseco to complete this edition. 


The fourth section has been marked by the abandonment of Efrén Llarena-Sara Fernández and Joan Vinyes-Jordi Mercader, whose accidents caused the neutralization of the ninth and tenth stages. Apart from that, the leading team has taken its advantage beyond the half minute on Nikolay Gryazin-Yaroslav Fedorov by managing to grab two new scratches.

The fourth section has been marked by the abandonment of Efrén Llarena-Sara Fernández and Joan Vinyes-Jordi Mercader, whose accidents caused the neutralization of the ninth and tenth stages. Apart from that, the leading team has taken its advantage beyond the half minute on Nikolay Gryazin-Yaroslav Fedorov by managing to grab two new scratches.

Five scratches in the eight timed stages held in the opening day have been materialized in an advantage over 20 '' against his compatriots Nikolay Gryazin-Yaroslav Fedorov. Maximum excitement for the third place, as the Germans Fabian Kreim-Frank Christian have finished 2.9 '' ahead of the Asturians José Antonio Suárez-Cándido Carrera, first Spanish classified team.

The FIA ​​European Rally Championship leaders have been the fastest in the overall of the first three special stages of the Rally Islas Canarias 42nd. José Antonio Suárez-Cándido Carrera, third in the ERC, lead the classification of the national and Enrique Cruz-Yeray Mujica of the Canary regional.

The canaries, who were in the twelfth position in the qualifying stage, chose to start in the first position to the eight timed specials of the first leg. Nikolay Gryazin-Yaroslav Fedorov, the fastest in the morning, have preferred to choose the fifteenth place. The starting ceremony was, once again, a multitudinous act full of light and color.

Thursday, 03 May 2018 14:01

Nikolay Gryazin, the fastest in the Qualifying stage

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The Young Russian driver has surpassed his compatriot Alexey Lukyanuk  in his battle for the best time in the Qualifying Stage that was held this moring in the Ingenio-Telde stage. After them, as the first qualified Spanish, José Antonio Suárez has finished.

The teams have completed the recce of all the stages that give shape to the route of this scoring test for the FIA ​​European Rally Championship and the Spanish Championship. The priority teams will interchallenge for the first time, stopwatch in hand, in the qualification section of Ingenio-Telde.

The rally puts one more gear and, two days away from its official start, the day of Tuesday May 1st has served for drivers and co-drivers to recognize the stages of the first leg and for their teams to take positions in the service park.

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