The moral commitment to some of the locations that this August suffered the fires that ravaged the summit of Gran Canaria has made the Organizing Committee maintain the basis of its itinerary next season. Institutions such as the Cabildo de Gran Canaria and those responsible for the FIA ​​European Rally Championship support this measure aimed at supporting the economy of these populations.

After the withdrawal of Lukyanuk-Arnautov, the Spanish couple made good use of their advantage to settle themselves as champions of this 43rd Rally Islas Canarias. Chris Ingram-Ross Whittock maintained the second position and finished ahead of Lukasz Habaj-Daniel Dymurski, who – thanks to these points – will leave Gran Canaria at the top position of the FIA European Rally Championship. Luis Monzón-José Carlos Déniz achieved the lead with their Ford Fiesta R5 in the regional overall.

The Russians stayed at the finish line of the first stage of the second leg after the suspension of their Citroën was damaged. Without having the need to risk, the Spanish couple let the teams which are still fighting for the other podium positions take the limelight. 

The current European champions reached the top position in half the stages performed throughout the first leg. The rest of them went to the other Citroën C3 R5 that fights for the victory, the pair Pepe López-Borja Rozada. Both favourites are just 3.8 seconds away of taking the victory.

Although the Frenchman Pierre-Louis Loubet got the best time of the TC4, throughout the repetition of the stages ‘Valsequillo-DISA’, ‘Valleseco-Festina’ and ‘Tejeda’, Citroën maintained their leadership in Rally Islas Canarias.  

The current European rally champion and winner of the last three editions of the Rally Islas Canarias has held a really tight competition with Pepe López in the first three stages, namely, ’Valsequillo-Festina’, ‘San Mateo-DISA’ and ‘Tejeda’. López is leading the national overall and Cruz the regional one.

The more than a hundred teams competing in this session of the FIA ERC, the Spanish Rally Super-Championship (S-CER), the Spanish Rally Championship on Asphalt (CERA) and the Canarian Regional have passed under the starting arch placed in this emblematic spot of the capital of Gran Canaria. Tibor Érdi will open the eight stages of the leg on Friday. 

In a pioneering experience in its long history, Rally Islas Canarias will be sending live some of its special stages on the website of the FIA European Rally Championship on Facebook. There will be a total of four special stages being broadcasted from 6.15 pm onwards this afternoon. 

Once the recces and the technical scrutineerings have finished, this Thursday the focus will be laid on the road with the fight in the qualifying stage of Valsequillo. The results will help to set the starting order of the first leg.

The atmosphere experienced in Artenara during the ‘Monday Test’ has been just a foretaste of what the island Gran Canaria will be like when the start signal for the 43rd Edition of the Rally Islas Canarias is given. Valsequillo and Valleseco have also host different team test before drivers and co-drivers throw themselves into the recognition of the legs the next two days.

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